Please forgive the delay again in my postings. I’ve been in the process of cataloging all my diary and letter collection and it’s a huge process but I’m loving it. I purchased two large safes, which holds about half of what I have. Heading now on a family vacation for a few days and hope to post a passage when I get back. Hope you’re all having a fabulous summer.

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Summer Cataloging

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All Aboard

(Sally here: Well, It’s been a while hasn’t since my last entry. I keep saying I’m going to get better but this new adventure of mine is keeping me pretty busy. Part of this adventure that I’m embarking on is that I’m in the process of reading, researching and cataloging all the diaries in my private collection; no easy task but I’m having so much fun doing so. BUT, I’m not giving up on my blogs and hopefully this new project of mine will enable me to share more and more diaries. I appreciate all your patience with me. Sal)

“And now long enough have I stayed at home, I’m tried of self and would onward roam.

So boarding a steamer with many flags gay, I’ll off to the folk across the way.

Not once, nor even twice, but several times, crossing the ocean by various lines.

I’ll over to Europe, Egypt, Japan, and gather from each the joy that I can.

To brighten these all alone days of mine, tho never forgetting the sorrows of time.

For sorrows are life’s refining plan, bringing closer to God the heart of man.”Louisa The Ship

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Our Little Quaker Girl

Quaker Louisa

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I’m finally back from Texas (Roundtop Antique Show). DorothyIt was such an amazing trip (way too much to express here) so again I’ve picked up my own diary to write about my experiences. I’ve read thousands of diaries in my lifetime and figuring out “why” people write in their diary is one of the most fascinating aspect of reading other peoples diaries. As for me, I write to get things out of my head and off my heart, but of course that never works; somethings will always stay with you regardless of how wonderful or how painful….yet I still write.

And with all that said, I want to introduce you to Dorothy. I just found this diary a few months ago and this, her 1st passage, is so surreal. Her last words just blew me away, it was if she was talking to me……me a “girl of this century”


Sept. 13, 1919. A great many people have advised me to keep a journal saying that if one keeps a journal he will be more likely to find interesting events going on around him, so I, Dorthy, am going to keep this one. I am twelve, thirteen next month. I’m in my first year of High now and hope to be the rest of this year. I have a father and mother and a brother. Also a dear friend whose name is Sara Louise Spear. I met her at Hampton Beach where our family stays summers. She is a dear and I surely do love her. My best friend here at home is Marion Hansome now. I really like her very much although our friendship now is a bit strained. I’ve read so many books about other girls who kept diaries years ago who had them and then girls of this century found them. I would like nothing better than to have this book found and read after I am gone. I hope if such happens that the people who find it think it interesting.”

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I am a Quaker Too


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Teddy Bites

The little handwritten card on this page says, “Now ou’d better look out big folks, for my Teddy bites, he do. And if ou’rebaby-louisa-2 bad and try to tease me, they’ll be nuffin left of you!. July 1919.”

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