August 20th, 21st, & 22nd, 1883

“August 20th,

The sea was nice and calm and we were quite happy. The steerage passengers had also recovered and commenced to enjoy themselves. In the afternoon we passed close to the south coast of Sardinia which we kept in sight till 8 o’clock. The Greek girl is very poorly and cannot eat anything.”

 “August 21st,

The weather continued to be very fine. I took some of papa’s things on deck, that wanted mending, when I was soon joined by the two Neapolitan women who insisted upon doing something too. They are good needlewomen and in consequence we very soon finished. Of course I was very glad of their assistance. Today papa had all the steerage passengers aft, making out a list for New York and distributing amongst them vaccination tickets, showing that they have been vaccinated. We had a great deal of fun; some of the women being ashamed to uncover their arms. Our appetite is splendid and we commenced to thoroughly enjoy being at sea.”

 “August 22nd,

Today we sighted the coast of Spain. The weather continued to be very fine.”

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